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What we stand for


We prefer organic ingredients. Soil health, insect life and animal welfare are our pillars. Currently around 80% of our ingredients originate from organic suppliers. This means we are not yet totally organic. Why not? There are two main reasons for this. For instance, it is a fact that the availability of certain (good) organic products is limited. Think of organic lemongrass, Madame Jeanette and smoked Ancho peppers. But also large quantities of fresh organic herbs like coriander and basil are basically not available off-season. But for us it’s even more important that the products we use contribute to a healthy earth. This is not the case for all organic ingredients. An examples is the production coconut blossom sugar. To meet the high demand, precious rainforest is being felled. We don’t want to be part of this and the sugar beets from the low lands are also perfectly useable.


We have a strong passion for food, flavours and fine ingredients. Our promise is that you will be served fresh and honest food. Always. We do this according to the tradition of homemade food. Our well equipped kitchen makes us professional, but certainly not industrial. This means that all our dishes are handmade and prepared homemade, from start to finish. In this way we can prepare food with love. You can see and taste that the food is prepared by people. This is really important to us.

Vegan and Vegetarian Choice

The best thing you can do for the environment is to consume no meat. We suppose that we don’t have to give this any further explanation. The pressure on the climate and the excessive bio-industry are clear examples. Despite this, we are still serving meat. Why? The reason for this is simple. We believe that, in consultation with farmers, animals will continue to play an essential role on a farm. It is about manure. In order to grow organic vegetables, herbs and spices, good cowshit is necessary. And for good shit, you need animals. At a balanced farm there exists a synergetic relation between human and animal. If it is allowed to eat these animals eventually, is a logical question. At this moment we agree to this. About 10% of our menu includes organic meat.

Onze leveranciers

We proudly cooperate with the following companies: Het Blauwe Huis, De Almershof, Do-It, Udea, JP Puurvlees, Luis Gil, IDorganics and farms Eko de Eerste, de Lepelaar, Erfgoed Bossem, Veldhoeve kip, Soler Romero en The Chocolate Makers. Each of these companies is 100% organic, and Het blauwe huis and de Lepelaar are biodynamic.