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Soup en zo



We are Soup en Zo

Our company makes room for the individual. Our team consists of people with different objectives and we believe it is important to create a great working environment for everyone. We have team members fulfilling a support job, like a student or scholar, but we also have a large number of full-timers working with us. ZST (self-managing teams) support this dynamic. We spread responsibilities, from financial to organizational tasks, but we also fill in coordinator and/or scheduler positions. In this way, every team member can do what suits her or him.


Daily, we prepare fresh food for our 3 stores at our central kitchen. All the food comes from this kitchen: the soups, salads, quiches, cheese snacks and sweets. Our chefs know all about taste and craft wholesome food inspired by cuisines from across the globe. They are well trained, have years of experience or learn on-the-job in our kitchen. The chefs start early in the morning, cook with passion and discuss about taste, laying the foundation for healthy and delicious food for the city on a daily basis. Enjoy the inspiration from our chefs!


Our food stores are located in Amsterdam at the Spiegelstraat, Jodenbreestraat and Van Baerlestraat. Our sellers are in direct contact with our customers. This makes them an important asset to our company. Our sellers are cool, customer-focused and have a great responsibility for our food. They have the necessary knowledge and they know how to treat the food.


Our biker team cycles in the city centre of Amsterdam to deliver food. Our bikers are young, enthusiastic and sportive. They understand like no one else the importance of a careful and quick delivery. Just like our sellers they are the short line between customer and chef. This makes them an essential part of our image.


The central kitchen and the office share our location in East. At the office ongoing tasks like financing are carried out, but most attention goes to the development of our company concept. Our team works on the algorithms to prevent food waste and work more effectively. Also work-flow processes are monitored and improved in order to work more efficiently. Furthermore, we are busy at the office with visual representation, like food photography for our socials and home delivery.