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Soup en zo



Promoting positive health conditions and a better environment through good food.


We cherish our relations. We have an eye and ear for the needs of our customers, we strive for the best possible working conditions for our employees and we have long-term collaborations with our suppliers. A strong and broad network gives us pleasure, existence value and growing vigour.


Our organizational structure is sociocratic. This implies a dynamic way of policy making focused on shared responsibility and stimulating participation. Ideas and solutions are being tested before they can be realized. Every team member can (in)directly be part of decision-making or come up with better solutions. In this way every employee is encouraged to actively think along and participate. This results in a transparent company that uses the groups’ intelligence and power of initiative.


Margriet and Jamie are the owners of Soup en zo. Driven by their passion for real and accessible food, they acquired the company in 2009 from Ria and Charlie. You can see their current project here. Since then, Margriet and Jamie have given the company future perspective by focusing on improving the sustainability in all aspects.


Soup en zo is a resilient and financially healthy company. The current crisis has had some influence on the companies’ finances but it also brought fresh impulses: while working on the development and expansion of our bike delivery service, the plan for a delivery hub and central kitchen was born. To cover this plan financially, bonds will be offered to our network.


Biological agriculture
Biodynamic agriculture
Slow Food Movement
In Defence of Food
Doughnut Economics